Mini Review: Student of the Year

Karan Johar plays dress up with his favourite boys/girls. Yup that is what sadly SOTY is. The maker who gave me two films that go down in my all time favourite list, K3G and KKHH, has officially lost it! There cannot be a more substance lacking love story/college movie than this. Oodles of makeup (on guys/girls alike) clothes that truly no one wears to college, bare bodies that just don’t like being contained in said inappropriate attire, and pretty actors who’s acting talents are exploited or rather ignored because they’re pretty. Yes, that pretty much sums up Student of the Year for me.

Perhaps the most haphazardly put together script that I still can’t decipher the purpose of even though I’ve spent weeks contemplating it. The film is a flashback with college mates all reunite at the death bed of their once principal. (What’s a KJO film without a death bed sequence! Even in a college flick he couldn’t refrain!

Poor-scholarship-guy who is actually wanna-be-rich-guy (Siddharth Malhotra) comes to the biggest college in India where children of who’s who of the country reside (He is a orphan and is raised by a loving chacha but an evil chachi, how innovative right! NOT!). He poses a threat to the presiding-college-jock (Varun Dhawan) but don’t worry because they eventually become friends. All is hunky dory until the Student of the Year competition (a goblet of fire-ish challenge if you will, for all the Harry Potter fans) puts them in the race for the same trophy. However its never exlained clearly what exactly broke the friendship. Was it the competition or the kissing his girlfriend part or the fact that presiding-jock’s father is more interested in Wanna-Be-Rich-Guy’s success than his own son’s.

Yes Karan lost the plot! (Pun intended)

Varun & Siddharth truly have oodles of potential if you’re ever able to look past the six pack and all the bare skin that is in your face throughout the film. Alia Bhatt on the other hand is just way too annoying to be put in front of you for a 3 hour duration!

KJO creates a very immature and amateurish film that I suspect wouldn’t even impress me in the 90s. He’s stuck exploring the rich/poor dynamics that writers have clearly moved on from. And clearly pretty clothes, 10 inches of makeup and barebods remain high on the wish list. One wouldn’t mind all these things, since they’re all inherent to a KJO/Dharma movies, if the movie was accompanied by a decent script, which sadly for SOTY it isn’t. I’m truly stumped with words to describe how unimpressive this film was.

Skip the film and watch Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander if you’re really wanting to watch a good college drama that explores the elitist attitude in colleges, college competitions and of course romance.

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