Best Of 2012: Movies

  1. Kahaani – nothing compares to what Sujoy wrote and Vidya brought onscreen. Probably explains why despite being a early-in-the-year release Kahaani doesn’t seem to get outshined by what followed throughout the year.
  2. Ishaqzaade – a modern day raw and gritty Romeo & Juliet set in a fictional rural town of India. What’s not to love! One of those rare moments in Indian cinema when a film has so much attention to detail from the clothes, to the accent to the body language. Habib had his eye on all! I can’t praise Arjun & Parineeti enough for what they pulled of with this one. Not your run of the mill Hindi movie that you’d like to put on repeat yet I’ve seen it multiple times already! (my full review)
  3. Ek Tha Tiger – masala meets content. When they said Kabir and Salman struggled to match their cinema ideologies for ETT I couldn’t have been more happier. A middle ground was found and which is why Ek The Tiger was an instant winner. It had the heroism but the logic to follow. Even Katrina emotionless face couldn’t ruin this one for me. 
  4. Oh My God – To the Akshay haters who think he has no knowledge of real cinema this is a lovely come back. Pure perfection. Social message aside the film works for its sheer execution and entertaining content. The social message is a mere bonus!
  5. Dabangg 2 – Oh I was scared for this one! Salman die hard fan aside I really didn’t want this one being made so soon after the first installment but lucky for me there was a script. A sequel in its true essence that built on from the characters we were introduced to in 2010. Minor slips on details aside Dabangg 2 lives up to the enormous expectations is one of the top entertainers of 2012 for me.

Others that impressed me:

  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – had it not been for the first half this movie would be on the list because the second half was flawless. Wish Yashji hadn’t gone as contemporary as he did and kept it to his classic style which no one else can do and now we’ll never see again.
  • Talaash – a slow screenplay keeps this from going on the top 5 list.
  • Tere Naal Lo Ho Gaya – this would be on this list had more impressive stuff not come out later in the year. It was brilliantly simple and entertaining. (full review)
  • English Vinglish – had it not been for the melodrama at portions and caked up Sridevi I’d put this on the list (mini review)


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4 Thoughts on “Best Of 2012: Movies

  1. great list :) agree with kahaani. it was my fav of this year too. but i would put english vinglish on the second place. and i haven’t seen dabangg2. i am surprised that vicky donor isn’t on your list (though i haven’t seen it) because most ppl loved it. but overall it was a prettyyyy good year for hindi movies imho.

  2. I found EV pushing it too much into melodrama at times like the cafe scene. It was just very OTT for my liking. Vicky Donor I definitely didn’t like. It was highly overrated and the portrayal of Bengalis versus Punjabis was very naive and silly.

  3. ashish on 15 March, 2013 at 8:22 pm said:

    after watching your list i am sure you don’t know what hindi movie is. na hi is list me vicky donor hai, barfi , gow nahi hai.. agneepath ho sakti thi..aapne poori website bana dali but you have no sense of hindi movies. I though u would be a professional critic but aap toh wahi srk v/s salmaan category me aati ho.

  4. In case you missed the point, this is a blog. The views presented are subjective to the author’s individual taste. They are not objective views that have been compiled based on the public’s and critics’ perception. Furthermore I have never nor will I ever insinuate that I am a so called professional critic. I’m a cinema enthusiast, nothing more, nothing less. If you’re looking for blogs that share the opinion of the general public then I suggest you visit elsewhere. I created this platform for my ‘personal’ opinion and not the personal opinion of others. At times they are in line with the general opinion and at times they can be a bit left winged. To each their own.

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