Completely phaso-ed! – Hasee Toh Phasee


hasee-toh-phasee-poster_138690358600The combination of Dharma Production’s and Phantom Film’s esthatics is a jodi made in heaven sent to earth to save me from bad rom-coms! Written to perfection by Harshvardhan Kulkarni this Vinil Matthew debut directorial is perhaps the most flawless rom-com (in my humble eyes!) in a long time! It balances the escapist nature of a rom-com with a very heavy dosage of reality. The beauty, no one thing overpowers the other. Whilst the escapist points doesn’t make you nauseous, the reality doesn’t bog you down either. Basically, they both combine to give you great entertainment!

In a nutshell its the story of two very normal people. Yes I say normal because they’re the kind of people who make mistakes! They’re both the ‘losers’ of their respective families. The black sheep if you will. The kid no one likes to mention at the dinner table because they just one too many things wrong. But they don’t wallow in self pity (the best part of the characters!). They simply move on and try doing it better next time. So basically its the love story of these two beautifully flawed characters.

bbw_hyrccaamd1m_png_large_1386932296_540x540The movie is heavy on emotions that go beyond romance. For me the highlight emotion was the father-daughter bond. The unique ability of a father to understand and love his daughter no matter what she may appear to be to the rest of the world is amazingly portrayed. Manoj Joshi takes all the accolades for me for his outstanding portrayal of this very real father. And whilst I usually am not huge on big emotional messages in a film I really do love the one this movie sends out. That is that at the end of the day no matter what they’ve done or what the world says, a father just wants to see his daughter in front of his eyes. All the rest is secondary issues that can be dealt with later. His reunion scene with Meeta (Parineeti) where he finally speaks out to his family is one of the most beautiful father-daughter moments.

I have to confess I was expecting this movie to be another disjointed screenplay where the writer thinks they’ll be all ‘tricky’ and show the couple meeting in multiple timelines and then finally just make up a random wedding whether they finally unite. (You can’t blame for thinking this me since recently we’ve had a LOT of those!) But no this movie doesn’t skip timelines eratically for no reason. There’s just a 7 year period it covers that too very efficiently and then the rest progresses in the present. Phew!

Speaking of progressing…what a phenomenal screenplay! Again the credit has to be taken by Harsvardhan Kulkarni who wrote both screenplay and story. There are no definite ‘lets play a song’ moments, nor a overly stretched out climax with massive confessions of eternal love. Actually, there is no major ‘confession’ scene! Take a bow Mr Kulkarni! Great editing has to also be credited for this amazing flow. To add to all of the above there’s the soundtrack, which I already loved, that has been so well utilized in the movie.
Very slightly the movie touches on issue of drugs. More than subtly, it does it beautifully and written in a very plausible way. In an age where every second person is on anti-depressants too fearful to deal with issues of life normally. The film seemed to hit the nail on the spot. Yet it didn’t hammer on about it.

I had almost written Parineeti Chopra off as the bold, loud desi girl but thankfully Meeta came along. She is such a intricate character to play. hasee-toh-phasee-poster_138690358610The promos give the impression that perhaps she’d overact but everything is very carefully thought out and handled by Vinil Matthews. She gets you to emotionally invest and your heart breaks watching her as the uncomfortable young girl just desperate to get a glimpse of her father. The child-like quality she has in these portions is truly so endearing and suck you in as the audience. Parineeti plays the textbook genius who is too simple to deal with things like emotions to perfection.

Therein lies the beauty of the film and its love story, because as life would have it is a person emotionally challenged as Meeta that falls in love. That too with a guy who is so overly emotional! Nikhil’s quota of emotions is such that it is perhaps designed to cover both their levels. Their love story is beyond the usual practicalities. He doesn’t do a double take when she comes out in a stunning ghangra like you expect. You genuinely see their characters get drawn to each other as they get to know each other. The characters also complete each other very subtly though not in the cliched ‘opposites attract’ way. Nikhil needs a bit more brain and less heart in his life, which Meeta gives whilst Meeta despite being a genius needs that overall support to get her back to the normal world, which Nikhil gives.

Coming now to the man behind Nikhil, Sidharth Malhotra is outstanding as this flawed overly sentimental loser. I might add that its quite hard to sell ‘flawed’ and ‘loser’ when you look like ‘that’ but yes he pulls it off and I do buy the act. The man has fabulous dialogue delivery and is just made to be onscreen and no I am not talking about his good looks, I’m talking about the attention-grabbing screen presence he has.

Finally I have to end by mentioning the climax of the movie. Its just so refreshing to see people cry and weep in the climax and NOT look good doing it! Thank you Parineeti and Sidharth for sporting the ‘mess’ that you way in the climax. Loved it! Not to mention the phenomenal unintentional action scene that happens as he runs away from the mandap made the climax a complete winner! (What’s with Dharma and great mandap running away scenes! First GTPM and now this!)

So basically in this long winded way of going through all these aspects of the film that I loved what I’m really trying to say is,  I LOVED THE MOVIE! Its been a while since I felt a film was pretty much flawless so this is a pretty awesome feeling! Its 100% entertainment, high on emotions, characters that draw you in from the get going, amazing music and above all, great innovative writing. You know when they say ‘this love story is different’, well mostly they lie except for Hasee Toh Phasee. For it I’m going to say, this love story is different!


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